This past October, FCX Systems in Morgantown, WV–the world’s leading manufacturer of solid-state frequency converters, ground power support (GSE) and custom power conversion solutions–held their 3rd Annual Oktoberfest for all of their employees and their families.

The Oktoberfest event took place on October 21 at the FCX Systems office and welcomed a total of 110 attendees.

It was a perfect day, 80 degrees and sunny, for the annual event. There were plenty of activities, as well as food and drinks, for everyone to enjoy.

From a costume decorating contest for both children and adults, to a popular cornhole contest (with winners Mike Tomblin and Joseph Dingeldein), FCX Systems kept the fun flowing all day long with more than 20 prizes to hand out to game winners.

Food was catered by the Mason Jar and FCX Owner and Co-Founder, Allen Wright supplied homemade craft beer for the event. There was also a donut eating contest and a wing cook-off–with the winner being Mike Tennant.

FCX Systems looks forward to their upcoming company events in the year ahead!





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